KORG Brings Classic Mono/Poly to iOS

Over the past few years KORG has been bringing spot-on reproductions of their classic synths to iOS. Now they have released iMono/Poly — a software reproduction of their classic 4VCO Mono/Poly synthesizer. The Mono/Poly was first released in 1981 along side the Polysix. It provided four VCOs, each with its own adjustable pitch, waveform, octave and level controls. The resulting sounds could then be stacked together for huge sounds or cycled through one at a time, creating evolving timbres. Add to that a VCF and VCA, and two EGs and MGs, the Mono/Poly provided an approachable and very powerful synthesizer. Now all this power and classic sound is available on your iOS device.
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PSP Nexcellence Spring Verb Released

If you are in the market for a new reverb to add to your plug-in folder you are in luck. PSP, makers of the famed Vintage Warmer — amongst many other great sounding plug-ins — have released PSP Nexcellence, a spring reverb emulation inspired by and modeled after “Necklace” style reverb units. PSP Nexcellence is currently on sale for an intro price of $99 until August 31st. Afterwards the price jumps up to $129 until September 10th and then hitting its regular price of $149 on September 11th. It is available in VST, AU and AAX formats. iLok account is required. —JB

A life In Waves: The Suzanne Ciani Documentary

A Life in Waves is a documentary that explores the life, innovations and works of composer and electronic pioneer Suzanne Ciani. From her early days of learning piano through her success as an electronic artist and sound designer. Filmmakers Brett Whitcomb and Bradford Thomason say the film is “a journey into Suzanne’s mind, offering a Gemini glimpse into the often complicated world of electronic music”. A Life in Waves is playing now in select theaters and available to stream. — JB
A Life in Waves

Plugin Alliance Releases Fiedler Audio Stage

Plugin Alliance and Fiedler Audio have teamed together to release Stage — an acoustical enhancement plugin designed to give your mixes and masters depth and a rich sense of space. Using stereo widening techniques such as M/S signal processing, phase inversion, the Haas effect, and a number of proprietary algorithms, Stage enhances your signal’s natural ambience and stereophonic composition while retaining phase coherence while ensuring the processed signal does not collapse when in mono. Continue reading