Plugin Alliance Releases Fiedler Audio Stage

Plugin Alliance and Fiedler Audio have teamed together to release Stage — an acoustical enhancement plugin designed to give your mixes and masters depth and a rich sense of space. Using stereo widening techniques such as M/S signal processing, phase inversion, the Haas effect, and a number of proprietary algorithms, Stage enhances your signal’s natural ambience and stereophonic composition while retaining phase coherence while ensuring the processed signal does not collapse when in mono.

Stage provides the tools you need to achieve impressive spatial results in a single plugin. Starting with the Input section, the Tilt control provides a quick way to fix unbalanced stereo recordings while the M/S knob can easily adjust the ratio of mid to side content. From there, Stage’s four key parameters – Pan, Width, Size and Feedback – provide an intuitive means of creating massive stereo images. Changing these parameters enables you to utilize the three-dimensional characteristics of your sounds allowing you to push them back or bring them forward in the mix.

In addition to its panoramic enhancement capabilities, Stage also provides creative effects like stereo flanging and rotary speaker effects, all of which are perfect for instruments or vocals. —JB
Plugin Alliance