KORG Brings Classic Mono/Poly to iOS

Over the past few years KORG has been bringing spot-on reproductions of their classic synths to iOS. Now they have released iMono/Poly — a software reproduction of their classic 4VCO Mono/Poly synthesizer. The Mono/Poly was first released in 1981 along side the Polysix. It provided four VCOs, each with its own adjustable pitch, waveform, octave and level controls. The resulting sounds could then be stacked together for huge sounds or cycled through one at a time, creating evolving timbres. Add to that a VCF and VCA, and two EGs and MGs, the Mono/Poly provided an approachable and very powerful synthesizer. Now all this power and classic sound is available on your iOS device.

Not only is this a complete reproduction of the original Mono/Poly, KORG has added some additional features not found on the original hardware unit. For starters, iMono/Poly provides 128-voice polyphony with up to 16-voice unison. They’ve added an eight-way virtual patching matrix which lets you patch up to 159 different modulation sources such as MG, EG, velocity, and keyboard tracking to modulate 35 different destinations such as oscillator pitch, level, filter, MG, or EG. There’s also two multi-effects units that provide 19 effects including compressor, limiter, overdrive, chorus, delay, reverb and more.

iMono/Poly can also be used with the most recent version of KORG Gadget. If you have both apps installed, iMono/Poly appears as the Montpellier gadget. iMono/Poly is available now for an intro price of $19.99 until September 30th (reg. $29.99). —JB